Thursday, March 23, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright: Robie House

For most architects and designers, Frank Lloyd Wright is like a god. Leaning about FLW has been a huge part of my education. I had been wanting to see his most famous Prairie style houses in Chicago for so long now! The Frederick C. Robie House is one of the most popular of this style. It was built in an area called Hyde Park. This style was especially created for the Midwest for its flat plains.

For this client, FLW wanted to emphasize the horizontal lines to mimic the landscape of the Midwest. He pitched the roofs low and incorporated long bands of decorated windows. His windows blend the interior and exterior spaces so well. Natural light sweeps into the interiors in every room. I took a tour of the inside of the home while I was there - it was incredible in person! The designs on the doors complement the ones on the windows. In the living room, FLW wanted to spotlight this area for when guests come. Right before entering, the ceiling has a patterned suspension made from wood. Wood bands run across the room to emphasize the large space. The windows really frame this space by running all around it.

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